It’s a short term fix:

Ad hoc facial treatments may be hydrating and soothing your skin in the short term, but you are missing out on the long term benefits of regular advanced treatments. Regular treatments have a cumulative effect, the more you have, the longer the results will last.

You need to up the ante:

Our skin is very clever. The more It gets used to the treatment so the results are less effective You need to slightly increase the intensity as your treatments progress.–so you need to up the ante to ensure you are getting the best results, for long term benefits.

Keep it regular:

Consistent and regular treatments are vitally important to teach your skin cells to grow back stronger and faster than before. The ideal time frame between treatments is generally 4-6 weeks apart, over the course of the year. The repetitive process results in a vast improvement and long-term changes to the condition of your skins appearance.

It’s costing you money:

One off treatments can be expensive, and you’re not getting the full benefits that are available, so will be costing you both time and money in the long run. For example; being on a Photo Rejuvenation programme which includes Microdermabrasion’s and at home skin care, rather than one off treatments, could save you over $780. 

A skin correcting programme at Caci is tailored to your skin concerns, and with easy payment plans you can pay the treatments off over a year, in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.

Take control of your skin, and start on a skin-correcting and anti-ageing treatment programme to help you achieve a fresher, brighter, and more healthy looking skin, for many years to come. Find out more about Reformaskin programme here.