Results are temporary

When you go in for a one-off facial, your skin will be more hydrated and have a glow to it, but generally these effects are only short term.  To achieve true skin correcting benefits, regular treatments are key. Consistent treatments have an accumulative effect, the more you have, the longer results will last.

Regular treatments strengthen your skin

Just like our muscles repair more quickly through regular training, our skin cells can learn to grow back faster and stronger than before with regular treatments. For optimal results, we recommend having treatments 4-6 weeks apart. This consistent schedule of treatments will optimise your results, giving you long-term changes to your skin’s appearance.

For best results, you need to keep pushing

Just like exercise, when you do the same thing for too long or only occasionally, your body gets used to it and you won’t see the results you used to. Same goes for our skin. For lasting, noticeable results, you need to slightly increase the intensity of your treatments each time to give your skin something new and strengthen it.

One-off treatments are costing you more!

Singular and ad-hoc treatments  don’t give you the best results, but are also costing you more too. On our Reformaskin skin correcting programme, we offer a bundle of treatments suited to your skin concerns, take home skincare and complimentary facials with a range of payment options and plans.

For example, you could save nearly $800 on our Photo Rejuvenation programme compared with if you paid for the treatments on a casual basis.