We believe having great skin should be easy, accessible and achievable. It’s that simple. 
Skin confidence is hugely powerful and can be truly life changing. We are not here to judge if your skin concern is good or bad or big or small. We just want to help you to look and feel your absolute best. 
At Caci our customers look to us for results, and we know that to get great, sustainable changes – that can take time. So, about 7 years ago, we started offering tailored Treatment Plans, that’s when we were really able to offer our customers what they were after – great results, in an affordable, accessible, welcoming clinic. 
Our Treatment Plans are a customised schedule, a mix of our treatments specifically chosen to target your concerns and deliver the best results. 
We tailor solutions for customers to ensure the very best results are achieved, including: 
  • Skin rejuvenation: treating sun damage, pigmentation, scarring and uneven skin tone and texture using Fractional Laser, Photo Rejuvenation, Microneedling, Skincare Infusions, Microdermabrasions and customised facials. We have skin treatments that cover New Zealander’s skin concerns.
  • Appearance medicine: managing lines, wrinkles and volume loss with anti-wrinkle injections and fillers. 
  • Laser hair removal: using variable pulsed light (VPL) to offer a long-term solution to unwanted hair. 
  • Body Shaping: ChillSculpt™ is perfect for those who have stubborn fat that cannot be easily reduced by diet or exercise. We make treatments affordable by offering interest free payment solutions, so you can pay for your treatments either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
At Caci we are always happy to help, have a chat on the phone and also offer free consultations. To get started on your journey to skin confidence call us on 0800 458 458.