Ever wondered what it really feels like to get cosmetic injections?  

Whether you're looking to target wrinkles and lines, or address a loss of facial volume, there are different options available at Caci. 

We chat to one of our clients, Martina, about her recent experience getting cosmetic injections. 



What was the experience like? 

It was great – nowhere near as daunting as I thought it was going to be! It was nice – people have their own ideas of what it's like and I think the pain factor scares a lot of people off.  But I think you build it up to hurt a lot more than it's going to. It's seriously a few pinpricks that last for a second - It's very quick and easy, I was in and out in less than 30minutes. 

What happened during the treatment? 

First off, I had a consultation and filled out some medical forms to make sure I was suitable. Then the nurse explained the treatment process, and aftercare. I felt comfortable, and really well informed before, and after the treatment. 

It's funny because a few people that I know have seen me and they've looked at me and said, "something's different" - but couldn’t put their finger on it. My husband thought I looked more refreshed too, so that's good! 

How are you feeling about your results now, post-treatment? 

Great. I had a tiny bit of bruising which is normal, but it completely disappeared within three days. 

Would you recommend the experience? 

Absolutely. I had my first treatment when I turned 50, I felt like my lines and wrinkles were more noticeable and it almost gave me a sad appearance. The treatment has helped to opened up my eyes, and had given me a more refreshed look. And with their payment plans, it's affordable.