Danielle- Caci Johnsonville

I have just finished my laser hair removal treatment plan it has been one of the best things I have ever done! I went from shaving twice a week at least, to now shaving every 5 or so weeks at the most. The hair has become so much lighter and in parts, has stopped growing. I’m highly impressed!

Siobhan - Caci Merivale

This has been an awesome choice for me! The results are amazing and I love going in to see the team - I only shave once in a while now with my underarms. My only regret is not starting it sooner! It's been a huge confidence booster for me and all of the staff are awesome and so friendly!

Hannah- Caci Mt Maunganui

I was previously going somewhere else for laser hair removal but have now started having treatments with Caci and I already love my treatment provider, Sarah. She makes me feel so comfortable each treatment and it’s a great experience each time. I can’t wait to see the results!

Suzannah- Caci Tauranga client

I'm getting laser hair removal and I love how effective my treatments have been already (I'm only halfway!) It’s also great that I can pay for treatments over the year rather than all at once.

Chene- Caci Mt Eden

I'm on the laser hair removal treatment plan and having three areas treated. I love the girls at Caci and the results have been incredible! It's given me so much self-confidence and I'm able to enjoy life so much more now. THANK YOU to the team at Caci Mt Eden, they have been wonderful and so professional.

Keeziah- Caci Lower Hutt

I am on a laser hair removal treatment plan and am pleased with how accommodating the Caci Lower Hutt staff are, and I’ve already started to notice a difference after just 3 treatments. I would definitely recommend Caci for its incredible customer service and attention to detail.

Special offer: Treat two areas for the price of one with laser hair removal until September 30th!