A facial here and there is nice, but if you’re looking to achieve truly long-lasting results, consistency and intensity are key. Our skin is very clever and will get used to a treatment after a while, so to really maximise results and target your concerns you need to up the ante and slightly increase the intensity as you progress.
With over two decades experience, we’ve developed a skin treatment plan to work for you and your concerns. Reformaskin combines a mix of conditioning treatments and high intensity treatments scheduled over the course of a year, to help your get the results you’re looking for. 
If you’re new to a skin treatment plan, we suggest starting with conditioning treatments to improve skin texture and maintain optimum hydration levels while also prepping your skin for the next phase. After a few months your skin will have become accustomed to these treatments and it will be time to move up to the next level and add in some advanced skin treatments. 
We’ve broken it down below, so you know how to upgrade your skin game and get the results your looking for:
Start with a mix of conditioning treatments:
  • Microdermabrasion is a resurfacing treatment to improve skin texture and reduce congestion.
  • Sonophoresis Infusion uses ultrasound technology to infuse ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.
  • LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment used for treating acne and reducing inflammation
  • Skin Conditioning Facials compliment your treatments and treat your skin concerns.
Then, up the ante with a mix of high intensity treatments: 
  • Photo Rejuvenation uses a laser light to targets and treats pigmentation and redness.
  • Micro Needling improves texture and reduces fine lines and scarring by stimulating collagen production. 
  • Fractional C02 Laser works by passing pulses of light down through to the deeper layers of the skin, damaging the cells below and triggering the skin’s natural healing process. This is our most advanced skin treatment.