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Two for One Laser Hair Removal!



It’s estimated that the average woman spends a whole day shaving each year. So, ditch the razor and remove unwanted hair with laser hair removal. 

At Caci, we have been offering laser hair removal for over 24 years and have treated over 23,000 clients. 

Laser Hair Removal allows you to be hair free, without the hassle of shaving. It can save you both time and money in the long run. 

Learn more about our Laser Hair Removal Treatment and Payment Plan Freedom.



Terms and conditions:
Payment to be arranged and deposits to be taken by September 30 2018.
Normal membership terms and conditions apply but no ellecas to be awarded to those who sign up for the promotional offer.
Applies to Freedom® memberships sold between August 1 – September 30 2018.
Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.
Current clients cannot exchange current memberships to trade up to the special offer.
Consultation and treatment plan must be joined before September 30 2018.
Second free treatment value must be to the same or lesser value than the first area.
Frequency of treatments may depend on the area being treated.
Treatment appointments to be agreed and approved by the provider during consultation.
The offer cannot be redeemed for cash.
The second treatment area cannot be exchanged for any other types of treatments other than Laser hair removal (VPL).
The offer can be split between two people.