1.Tell us a bit about yourself, and what you do at Caci

I’m Adi, I’m nearly 48 – next month actually! And I work at Caci High St, I’m your first point of call for Client Care. I’ve been at Caci for 2 years and absolutely love the brand, and helping all of our lovely clients get great results.

2.What were your skin concerns?

I was concerned with how my skin was ageing, it was beginning to look older than I felt; fine lines were appearing, I was starting to see a loss of volume and I wasn’t that happy with the texture of my skin – just to name a few!

3.What made you decide to start on a skin correcting journey

One of my colleagues suggested that I might be a good candidate for Fractional CO2 Laser; Caci’s most advanced skin treatment. I hadn’t really thought about having this particular treatment, but once I knew more about it and the results I was keen to try. I felt that my skin was in such a bad way that jumped at the chance to start on a programme!

4.What treatments have you had?

Before starting on the Fractional CO2 Laser treatments, it’s important to prepare the skin with conditioning treatments. I began with regular AHA Rapid Exfoliator Anti-Ageing Facial, and Microdermabrasion’s to ensure my skin was ready for the next step. It’s essential you take time to prep your skin before going in with the ‘big guns’! Our skin is very clever at learning to rejuvenate, that’s why it’s important to have regular treatments while also upping the ante to ensure you get the best results.

5.So, how did you find the Fractional CO2 Laser treatments?

I felt ok as there is an anaesthetic applied first so there is very little discomfort during the treatment itself. Afterwards, there is a bit of down time while your skin recovers, it looks a bit like a bad sunburn immediately after, but this subsides after a few days. Luckily for me, it’s always a talking point with clients in the clinic, especially when they see me straight afterwards – everyone is always so interested and keen to learn more. I guess the only downside for me was not being able to work out for 3 days, but for some this could be part of the reward! It’s important to stay out of the sun and avoid exercise as your skin is particularly sensitive for the days following, so remember to wear plenty of sunscreen!

6.What results have you seen, how do you feel about your skin now?  

Love it! I’m so happy with my results, my skin is tighter, it feels a lot smoother, and the overall tone has improved.  The great thing about being on a Fractional CO2 Laser programme, is that the results are long term – now that I’ve had my course of treatments, I’m all about maintenance so have regular hydrating facials each year to keep my skin looking fresh.

People are always surprised about my age, which is such a complement! I feel more confident in my skin; it looks the age that I feel inside!