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Murad Facials, Lashes, Brows and Waxing

We offer facials and beauty therapy treatments for a range of skin types and concerns. 

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Murad facial


One of a kind skin deserves a one of a kind facial!

Murad Method Facial  |  60mins 
The Murad Method Facial System is comprehensive, customised and cutting-edge. Developed by Dr. Howard Murad, a Dermatologist and leading expert on skin health. Murad Method Facials are designed to target your multiple skin concerns, maximising results. Devise your facial in partnership with your Beauty Therapist. Start by telling your Therapist your skin concerns and together you will create a completely personalised 60 minute facial treatment.

Murad Advanced Technoceuticals Peels  |  60mins
Level 1: Rapid Resurfacing Peel
Level 2: Intensive Resurfacing Peel
Level 3: Retinol Power Peel

Non-invasive skin revitalising treatments dedicated to counteracting visible signs of ageing with little-to-no downtime. Murad Technoceuticals Peels are based on

today's most advanced science, combined with Dr. Murad's proprietary discoveries of Glycolic Acid and Tri-Acid Complex technology and paired with antioxidants and hydrators. Technoceuticals Peels effectively target skin concerns while cultivating optimal skin health for regeneration without irritation. Start by telling your Therapist your skin concerns and together you will create a completely personalised 60 minute facial treatment.

Murad Express Facials  |  30mins

Hydrating Facial
Nourish dry and dehydrated skin, this hydrating facial uses the richest of products applied with the utmost of care, leaving your skin revitalised.

AHA Rapid Exfoliator Anti-Ageing Facial
Exfoliate away dead skin cells to reveal a softer, smoother complexion. This will accelerate cell turnover and encourage healthy skin, unveiling an improvement in your skin's texture and tone. Recommended course of six treatments for maximum results.

*Results can vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.


Electrolysis removes hair while promoting lesser, finer hair growth over time.* It works by passing a small amount of energy (a current) into your hair follicle through a very fine probe. This then produces a chemical reaction that destroys the cells at the base of the hair. Each hair is probed individually and then removed using tweezers.

This hair reduction treatment can be used to treat most areas on your face and body, but electrolysis is best suited for treating small localised areas such as your upper lip, chin, eyebrows, midline of your stomach, and your areola. This treatment is suitable for most hair types.

Electrolysis can also be used to treat red veins of the face and ingrown hairs.


  • Electrolysis effectively treats all hair colours, including light blonde and white hairs which are unable to be treated by VPL*
  • Electrolysis promotes lesser, finer hair growth
  • Hair that has been treated by electrolysis rarely (if ever) grows back, and because of this it is a highly sought-after procedure for people suffering from ingrown hairs


Some people find the electrolysis process more painful than others, with some people comparing the feeling to getting a tattoo, or snapping a rubber band against the skin. This feeling is not caused by the insertion of the epilator, but by the application of the electric current which stimulates nerves that are present near the hair. If you are sensitive to pain, then please contact your local Caci to talk about pain management and your hair removal options.

*Results can vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.


You can have almost any area of your body waxed, including your eyebrows, face, bikini, legs, arms, chest, back, abdomen, and feet.

Unlike shaving, new hair growth in waxed areas is soft and fine, not sharp and coarse. After repeated waxing, the hair can appear to sparser, and in some cases lighter. Waxing should be performed every four to six weeks by an experienced professional. This is the average growth cycle for hair, and allows for your hair to be the correct length at your next wax.


A Brazilian wax removes all of your pubic hair from your front, middle and back. Getting a Brazilian wax is an intimate experience, but not one that you need to worry over. Whether it’s your first Brazilian, or you’re a regular client, our experienced beauty therapists will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.

Brazilian wax procedure

1. After you enter the treatment room, you’ll be provided with a disposable g-string, which you will wear throughout the treatment - this is for both hygiene and modesty

2. Your beauty therapist will apply hair removal wax on both your front and back in a way that is comfortable for you, so don’t worry about being put in any awkward positions

3. Should you have any stray hairs, these will be tweezed after your waxing has finished, and a soothing lotion will then be applied

4. After your wax is over, ask your beauty therapist about the take-home, after-care products to minimise any ingrown hairs


For the first 24 hours after your Brazilian wax, you should avoid:

  • Swimming in chlorinated pools
  • Spa pools
  • Sun bed, in fact the area should not be exposed to direct sunlight at all
  • Highly perfumed products
  • Spray tanning
  • Physical exertion or activity



Eye lash tinting is a straight forward, quick and painless procedure using specially formulated and safe semi-permanent vegetable dye to tint your lashes with a range of colours available (black, blue, shades of brown and grey) to enhance lashes and eyebrows. Your Caci therapist can advise on which colour to use for the best results.

It is definitely worth considering if you cannot wear mascara. Men are also now finding this a subtle way to enhance their appearance.

If you have never had any tinting performed before and suffer from extremely sensitive skin you may wish to request a patch test (required at least 48 hours prior to tinting) to ensure no sensitivity to the product exists.

Benefits of eyelash tinting

  • Enhance general appearance of eyes
  • Fantastic for special occasions such as weddings, formal events and holidays
  • Creates mascara optional beautiful seductive eyes
  • People with known sensitivity to make-up
  • People who dislike mascara
  • Sporting activities, especially swimming
  • No time to apply make-up daily
  • Non make up wearers
  • Will benefit contact lens wearers
  • Good for people with fine or fair eyebrows

*Please note eye lash tinting will enhance the look of your lashes it is only designed to define them, not lengthen or thicken them.

The Eye Lash Tinting Process

A quick, non-invasive treatment using vegetable dye. Any make-up is removed from the eye area and vaseline is applied to the surrounding skin to protect from the colour. Tinting pads are applied under the lower lashes, eyes are generally closed for the application of the tint which is 

carefully applied with a brush or wand to the lashes for 10-15 minutes

The eyes are flushed with water and wiped down with cotton pads. Client is then free to wear additional makeup, if desired.

Tinting should last up to 4 weeks gradually fading over time. The treatment therefore is generally recommended every 3-6 weeks.*

Does Eyelash Tinting Have Any Harmful Effects?

This process remains relatively painless. Very rarely, dye can get into your eye and like everything, a number of people respond negatively to specific constituents of the hair dye, making this option bad for them.


Is a similar procedure to eye lash tinting but much quicker as the brows have a tendency to take the colour very quickly and on average is left on hair for between 1-5 minutes.


This will starts with your Caci therapist discussing the desired look of your brows and making recommendation based on her experiences to determine a suitable eyebrow shape. This can be performed manually with tweezers or using wax (dependant on you and the therapists preference).


Keep your eyes sparkling and beautiful with this specialised eye treatment. It combines the CACI machine's skin toning microcurrent with a deeply hydrating eye mask containing extracts of cucumber, arnica and chamomile to soothe and calm, and pomegranate and green tea extracts to fight ageing.

*Results can vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.


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