The skincare industry is constantly changing, and whether you’re a beauty junkie or more of a beauty newbie, it’s worth keeping ahead of the trends to ensure you’re taking advantage of what’s new and notable. 

From minimalist skincare to the treatments and tools worth adding into your routine, we’re breaking down the top skincare trends to get excited about in 2019 below.

Tools of the trade

Looking to get serious about your skincare routine? Tools and devices such as a cleansing brush or derma roller give you more effective results at home, and are a great way to kick your beauty game up a notch. They’ve become more widely available in the past few years thanks to growing demand, so you have plenty of choices.

For those new to the idea, a derma roller is a hand-held tool containing microneedles, which creates tiny micro-wounds in the skin. This stimulates the body’s collagen production process, smoothing uneven texture, reducing fine lines and improving the appearance of scarring. 

Cleansing tools such as a brush or cloths can also help support healthy skin by allowing you to cleanse more effectively. If you’re not sure where to start, these are a great way to ease into the world of skincare tools. 

Tech-friendly skincare

For advanced results, it’s worth bringing in the big guns. Skin-boosting technology helps target specific concerns and gives you better results than a simple facial and has been growing ever more popular over the past few years. A Sonophoresis Infusion, for example, uses soundwaves to allow product to infuse deeper into the skin, where it can better target redness, texture and dry or dehydrated skin. 

Laser skin treatments are also worth looking into, especially if you’re concerned about acne, pigmentation or the signs of ageing. These work by passing pulses of light down through the skin, where they can target the areas of concern and treat them at a deeper level.

Targeted products and treatments

While it’s tempting to try every new product and treatment on the market, the truth is you only need what really works for you and your skin type. Rather than cluttering up your routine with unnecessary extras, this year it’s all about stripping it back to the essentials that make a visible difference to your skin.

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