1. It’s the most advanced: Fractional C02 laser is our most advanced treatment, which can achieve extraordinary results.
  2. It treats: Fine lines & wrinkles, uneven skin tone, advanced sun damage (brown spots, pigmentation), and scarring
  3. It tightens, firms and evens out skin tone for truly long lasting results
  4. It goes deep! Fractional C02 laser penetrates deep into the skin to maximise the effectiveness of the treatment, providing better, and more long lasting results
  5. It works in fractions: The laser only targets fractions of your skin at a time, leaving healthy skin intact which helps to speed up the healing and getting great results
  6. It’s all about control: With this controlled damage, it triggers your skins natural healing process and stimulates collagen production – resulting in stronger, firmer, smoother, more refreshed looking skin
  7. We make sure you’re comfortable; before having the treatment, we apply a light topical anaesthetic
  8. You can take the afternoon off: following the treatment, you can expect redness and slight swelling – similar to a sunburn. It’s all normal and temporary, but some clients prefer to go straight home after their treatment. If you do go outside, apply plenty of sunblock, and throw on some sunglasses or throw on a headscarf!
  9. Regular treatments will get the best results: a course of treatments are scheduled over the a year, typically you will have 3-4 treatments, plus a range of non-invasive facial treatments to compliment the Fractional C02 laser for greater results
  10. You can pay for your treatments over time: on a skin correcting programme you can pay for your treatments with interest free payment options or with QCard. 


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