Tamara is currently on a Freedom Hair Removal Plan and Caci Kapiti - read abouther experience here:

"I am currently on the Freedom VPL Laser Hair Removal Programme and am loving it."  

"I am a mother of two young children and as a mother, my children have and will always come first, however getting the referral from my work colleague and seeing her results from her programme, I thought I would just take the plunge and go and see what it is all about."  

"I have had amazing results on my chin and upper lip.  All the girls at Caci Kapiti truly listened to my concerns with a professional manner.  I feel like a family member, as all the team know who I am."  

"After three months into my VPL Laser Hair Removal Programme I also signed up on a Reformaskin Skin Health programme to deal with scarring on my chin and my overall skin tone and texture, I have been having conditioning (Microdermabrasion) and rebuild treatments (Collagen Induction/Dermal Rolling)."  

"My results are truly amazing."

"I’ve got my self esteem back."


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