Silky smooth skin, remove the fuzz

It’s easy to get lazy with our hair removal routine during Winter as we’re usually covered up with pants and jackets! But as soon as the shorts and summer dresses come out, we often realise the neglect! Be hair free without the hassle of shaving with laser hair removal and have silky smooth skin all year around! Now’s the best time to be treated as we recommend 6-8 sessions for best results, so  you’ll see optimal results just in time for the beach weather!

Workouts sorted

We’ve all heard the saying, “Summer bodies are made in Winter”, so we’re taking action while we can! Shape up with an exercise routine, whether it be a daily walk or hitting the gym a few times a week. Struggle with motivation? Try attending group fitness classes to keep you inspired or grab a friend to get moving with, it’s more fun when you’ve got someone keeping you company!

Makeup bag checklist

As the seasons change, so should the products we use. Before the sun hits, make sure your beauty bag is stocked with the essentials to hydrate and protect against harsh UV rays. Our Murad Oil Free Sunscreen is one of our must haves for sun protection. Also, to firm up before putting on the bikini, we love the Murad Firming Peptide Body Treatment which visibly firms the appearance of skin while improving texture.

Battle of the bulge

Got that stubborn bulge that won’t seem to shift even after diet and exercise? Shape your body to fit that summer dress with Caci’s fat reduction and body shaping treatment, ChillSculpt. This non-invasive treatment uses controlled cooling to freeze and reduce fat cells to help improve those pesky areas. ChillSculpt can treat the stomach, thighs, waist, back and muffin tops.

Shape up your diet

Beat the bloat before summer is in full swing by making a few tweaks to your diet. Ensure you’re eating 5 small meals a day to keep your metabolism going and to avoid overeating. Foods that are high in fibre and protein such as whole grain breads, oatmeal and lean meat will keep you fuller for longer plus provide the nutrients your body needs. Eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day is a given too!