"I have been with Caci for about 13 years now. I have always felt a sense of belonging and only had positive experiences. My therapist is just the best, full of knowledge and always happy to answer any questions I have about my skin, and gives the best product advice. I always look forward to treating myself at the Caci clinic. My little time for 'me'" Caci client, Kara.

"Freedom -exactly what the programme is called. My laser hair removal experience has been so easy and stress free. The girls have all been amazing. Would recommend this programme to everyone!" Caci client, Kate

"I love the results I have seen from my skin treatment plan. The girls at Caci really make me feel part of the family, and every treatment has been so professional, hygienic and effective. My skin glows for days after my appointments and is slowly but surely improving." Caci client, Chelsea

"I am currently on a ChillSculpt treatment plan and love the way you can pay the treatment off monthly to split the payments. There's a great team of ladies at Caci, I always feel comfortable and relaxed and they are happy to answer any questions I have" Caci client, Jayne

"I love taking off my makeup at the end of the day and seeing beautiful glowing skin! It's such a change from the feeling I used to have when I saw my makeup free skin" Caci client, Lani

"I am on the Reformaskin programme and could not recommend it more highly. It has allowed me to take control of my skin and it looks the best it has ever! I used to be so self conscious of having no makeup on, but now I can feel confident with just my moisturiser and sunscreen! The programme and skincare has literally changed the way I feel about my skin and the longer I am on it the better it gets! Thanks Caci!" Caci client, Natasha