Can you tell us what Sonophoresis Infusion feels like?

During the treatment, I’m so relaxed – it’s an odd sensation as the paddle is passed over your skin, but it still feels very soothing and relaxing at the same time.

Sonophoresis Infusion is the ideal treatment for infusing products deeper into your skin; what did you notice about your skin afterwards?

My skin was so hydrated and literally glowed for weeks, loved that I could go foundation free and still feel amazing.

I also noticed ongoing results after a few days; I found a lot of my little spots disappeared and the appearance of my skin was no longer as dry – it felt more hydrated.

What do you enjoy most about having regular skin treatments?

I love seeing the constant results, knowing with each session I am helping repair any damage to my skin and prevent new damage! I also really enjoy being able to check-out of life for an hour, relax and feel refreshed when I return!

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