“The reason I started my skin journey with Caci was the terrifying realisation that I’m about to turn 25 – and realising that now is the time that I really have to start caring for my skin! There is no point in trying to reverse the damage or signs of ageing, I wanted to get on top of things early!

My biggest skin concern was trying to deal with my overly oily skin and breakouts! I decided it was time to get my skin sorted, and went to Caci for a skin consultation, to see what can be done.

After my skin consultation, I had the most relaxing infusion treatment; I learnt a lot about my skin and what the treatment was doing for my skin - the team at Caci have given me a plan of attack to help treat my concerns.

My skin feels a lot more hydrated, and refreshed since starting on my skin programme.

Although I love to play with makeup and experiment with new looks, being able to wear no makeup with confidence is important to me. I very rarely wear makeup during the day and have not looked back - my skin is feeling amazing and constantly glowing.”