What made you decide to start on a skin rejuvenation plan at Caci?

I was getting frustrated with always having a red face and felt like couldn't rock no the no-makeup look because my skin looked like a tomato. I wanted to take charge of my skin, treat the redness - and have it go away!

What results have you noticed so far?

I've had 3 sessions of Photo Rejuvenation so far and you can already see the redness breaking up, and I can go out with less makeup on, way more confidently! It's actually incredible!

What is your favourite treatment at Caci?

I LOVE having a Microdermabrasion facial with glycolic –my face is absolutely glowing after the treatment, and especially a couple of days later- it’s amazing and I always get lots of compliments too

What do you enjoy most about being on a treatment plan at Caci?

I love that instead of wasting money trying to figure out the right products by myself, I have a clear plan with a skin expert that really knows what they're doing, and how to help with my particular skin concerns. They’ve helped to plan out the right treatments, and use the best products which is really helping the cause! I will never turn back now, it's the best investment I've ever made in the beauty arena!