Sleeping: Yes, this can also cause lines and wrinkles! Sleeping with your face pressed down on your pillow cause your skin to pushed into unnatural positions. Try sleeping on your back, and with a soft silk pillowcase to eliminate any additional friction on your skin.

Not wearing sunscreen: This is the easiest habit to kick! Everyone should be wearing sunscreen, every day. No matter what. Sun damage is the number one concern amongst New Zealand women, and it can be easily prevented. Not only does it protect us from burning, sunscreen significantly reduces the signs of environmental ageing.

Sipping: Are you a constant water bottle sipper? Or prefer a straw over a glass? The repetitive nature of pursing your lips can cause fine lines around your mouth, so next time you reach for a drink, think about what it might be causing, and skip the straw.

Smoking: Not only are there associated health risks, but smoking also causes ‘smoker’s lines’, the fine lines that are formed around your lips. The nicotine is also responsible for dehydrating the skin, and causing the blood vessels to shrink which means there is less oxygen being delivered to our skin; resulting in increased lines and wrinkles.

Sleeping in your makeup: Don’t’ skip this vital step in your nightly routine! Not only will taking off your makeup help prevent premature ageing, it will also keep your skin healthy and nourished, as well as keeping pesky acne at bay.

Staying up all night: This is an important one! Having at least 7 hours sleep each night gives your body enough time to rejuvenate and repair. It’s an essential part of the healing process, so next time you’re out late at night…spare a thought for your skin, it needs rest just like you!

The good news is, there is plenty that can be done to prevent and slow down the signs of ageing! If you already have lines and wrinkles, there are treatments to reverse the signs of ageing and restore your skins youthful appearance.

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