What are the benefits of a double cleanse?

Double cleansing is appropriate for oily skins or heavy makeup wearers, who find one cleanse isn’t enough to remove excess oil, dirt and face makeup. People who are acne prone can also benefit from double cleansing to avoid breakouts.

A double cleanse helps people receive better results from their cleanser. The first cleanse removes oil, dirt and makeup while the second actually treats skin and allows active ingredients to penetrate into the skin.

Is there a time when a double cleanse isn’t encouraged?

If your skin is very sensitive or you suffer from rosacea, double cleansing can over stimulate and aggravate the skin. Also if your skin is very dry, double cleansing will strip oils, causing further dryness.

Can you recommend what types of cleansers are best suited for skin types?

Oil cleanser: Great for removing makeup. If used with double cleansing, this should be your first cleanse.

Foaming: This type of cleanser is ideal for oily skin. It is more stringent, so should be avoided by dry skin types.

Cream: Cream cleansers are gentle and emulsify without stripping excess oil. So great for drier skins.

Exfoliating: Exfoliating products should not be used as a cleanser as they do not clean, but remove dry skin cells and encourage cell turnover. A must have for those who want a brighter, smoother complexion.