With legions of followers hooked on her unique brand of beauty and style tips, Kiwi makeup guru Sally Jo has carved out a name for herself in the world of YouTube.


Being in the spotlight, Sally knows all about the importance of great skin – and she’s been keeping her skin nourished and healthy with our advanced treatments at Caci.


She tells us all about her experience on our Skin Health Plan, Reformaskin:

Tell us about your experience so far on your Skin Health Plan at Caci. How are you finding the treatment?

My experience with the Skin Health Plan has been nothing but good, I'm continually learning new things about my skin as time goes on. It really is so helpful having a professional identify your skin type, skin concerns etc. For me, buying skincare has always been a stab in the dark as I was never fully sure what I should be buying and what would actually benefit my skin. The microdermabrasion treatments I'm having have given my skin an amazing refined and glowy look and greatly help with any textured areas of skin!


Was there anything that surprised you about the treatment process?

The most surprising element to me when I joined Caci, was the abundance of knowledge amongst their staff. Not only are their treatments wonderful but they also offer great knowledge on what skincare products to try and even what additional supplements might benefit you too.  I was also very impressed that they provide attainable payment plans for their clients as I know so many women who are keen to try out a treatment but are wondering about cost.


What made you decide to start your Skin Health Plan?

After trying what felt like an endless array of skincare with no improvements I was looking further into ways I could treat the texture on my skin. I felt like products alone weren't enough and I'd heard amazing things through friends about treatments such as microdermabrasion. Caci was my first choice for this as I have been a customer in the past for VPL laser hair removal and I knew their clinics were really lovely.


How do you feel about your results so far?

Very happy, my skin is only getting better and better and on top of that I've made great friends with my beauty therapist which is an added bonus! 


Overall, what’s been the best part about your experience with Caci?

They are extremely flexible with appointments, welcoming and knowledgeable! Taking more control over my skin is actually quite life changing, so the whole experience has been totally worthwhile for me and I will definitely continue to go to Caci in the future.