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We know how important skin confidence is to you and that good skin takes time. That’s why we developed a Skin Health Membership to help you get your best skin.

Included in the plan is a schedule of skin conditioning treatments to help you achieve fresh, bright and healthy looking skin.


  • 15 skin conditioning treatments tailored to your skin each year
  • A Skinsmiths Daily Defence Sunscreen SPF30+ each year


  • Two complimentary treatments from our rewards menu each year
  • 20% off additional beauty therapy treatments
  • 10% off Skinsmiths skincare products


Maintain healthy, smooth and hydrated skin and help prepare the skin for more advanced treatments: 



  • Pigmentation and sun damage
  • Scarring
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Redness

During a consultation we will assess your skin and advise on the best treatments for you. This may include adding a 12 month advanced skin treatment package to your Skin Health Plan.


Our advanced skin treatment packages also include a Homecare Treatment Accelerator Kit and additional treatments from the rewards menu.


Wondering which skin treatments might be right for you? 

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Skin health membership at Skinsmiths

"Probably one of the best thing I have ever done for myself was to sign upto the Skin Health Plan. I have been a Caci member for 12 months now and just renewed my membership without even a…

– Nadine

"I absolutely love my skin plan, I’m in my second year now and wouldn’t want to live without it! The regular facials are just a dream to look forward to. Results why this plan definitely delivers…

"I have been on the Reformaskin Care Plan for 6 months and wow what can I say it has been worth every cent. I have always have very sensitive skin when my skin is good it's really good but when it…

"I am still quite early on in my treatment but I am loving what I am seeing so far. I have spent most of my adult life suffering from adult acne. I have spent thousands of dollars on skincare and…

– E Clarke

"I am currently in my sixth month of my Reformaskin plan, and i don't regret going to the lovely ladies at Caci for a second! They really helped clear my adult acne and scaring for my wedding a…

– Hannah

"Best thing I ever did for my skin. The changes to the look and feel of my skin is amazing. The lines are less and my skin is so much more hydrated. Although it was about skin health I actually…

– J Macdonald

"I have been absolutely loving my facial plan & noticing a huge difference in my skin appearance - so have other people. I’m constantly being told that my skin looks brighter & clearer…

– Jade

"I am thoroughly enjoying the monthly facials. I love the fact that there are different facials to choose from. I come away from each appointment with glowing skin and feeling refreshed and…

– Kim

"I’m a few months away from completing my 2nd year of my plan and I cannot rave about it enough! I came into Caci as a 26 year old mum with acne skin. I never knew how important it was to look…

– T Murphy

"This plan is the best thing I've ever done for my skin! I go along every 2-3 weeks and get a treatment according to what my skin needs, it's absolutely luxurious and I absolutely love it &…

– Niki

"I have been on the Reformaskin - Skin Health Plan for two years and I eagerly look forward to my treatments every 3 weeks. It is such a treat to come to the clinic to have a juicy facial and…

– Nichole

"I've never been the type to look after my skin - opting instead to just slap on moisturizer in the morning and call it a day. But with my wedding coming up at the end of this year I chose to…

– Magda

"I absolutely love my skin health plan at Caci. I go to the Albany branch and generally see Bella but have also seen the other girls. It has made an absolute difference in my skin and I couldn’t…

"I signed up for Reformaskin after developing adult acne and getting minimal results from my dermatologist prescription. Now at the end of my 12 months of facials and treatments my acne is gone…

"I'm in my second year of the reformaskin plan at Caci and it's made a world of a difference to my skin. I'm usually very lazy but it's made me very disciplined. I'm also a busy mum and don't…