What is it and how does it work?

Recently awarded the Best Body Treatment at the Best in Beauty Awards; judged by over 200,653 public online votes and New Zealand’s leading magazine beauty editors, ChillSculpt is a solution for reducing stubborn fat; the kind that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how hard you diet and exercise.

ChillSculpt uses cryolipolysis technology to freeze and reduce fat cells. Once the cells are treated, they die and are naturally metabolised through the body, resulting in reduced fat tissue in the treated area.

Not to be mistaken as a weight loss treatment, ChillSculpt is ideal for treating specific, stubborn areas that are difficult to shift with diet and exercise (think love handles, stomach pouch and back fat around your bra area). The treatment is FDA approved as a safe and effective way to alleviate pesky fat.  

What happens at a treatment and how many do you need?

During a ChillSculpt treatment, your treatment provider will place a protective membrane over the area, then the hand piece is positioned. The area of fat is vacuumed up into the hand pieced, where the temperature drops to the desired treatment level. You will feel firm pressure, from the suction and an intense cold sensation; which quickly dissipates as the area numbs.

The treatment feels quite usual, but any feelings of discomfort generally only last the first few minutes until it’s numbed from the cold - then you can relax, sleep, or read.

For best results, we recommend clients have 6-8 treatments around 5 weeks apart.

When will you start to see results?

Results vary from client to client, some can start to see results as early as 3 weeks after their first treatment! We generally find people start to see results a few months into their treatment plan, once the fat cells have died and have been metabolised through the body.

After your course of ChillSculpt treatments, the treated area will have reduced, for a more sculpted, slimmer appearance.

How much is it?

A one off ChillSculpt treatment is $450, however this cost is reduced on our ChillSculpt treatment plan; where a course of treatments are scheduled to ensure you achieve the best results. Plus, we also offer a range of beauty rewards, and payment options including Q Card.

Why is ChillSculpt preferred over other body shaping treatments?

  • Safe and non-invasive: Other body shaping methods such as liposuction come with surgery risks and a long recovery time.
  • Affordability: ChillSculpt is a more affordable body shaping treatment with a range of easy payment options available, including Q Card.
  • Quick & easy: ChillSculpt treatments take less than an hour to complete and you can resume normal activities immediately afterwards.

What people are saying about ChillSculpt:

“Before ChillSculpt, I had tried various methods to reduce the stubborn area on my abdomen; from weight loss programmes, herbal life, the HGC diet, you name it, I’ve tried it. ChillSculpt is different because it requires less effort, and is nothing like a fad diets. The technology is doing the work for you, in conjunction with a basic healthy eating and exercise regime, it is not hard at all.” Mel, Caci Johnsonville Nurse.

“When I first heard about the treatment, it sounded really interesting, and after having my son (a long time ago!) I have those ‘little fat bulges’ that I wanted treated, so decided to give it a go! I was quite apprehensive to begin with, as freezing fat cells seemed like a big claim to make, but after I had researched the technology I had a better understanding of how it worked and what to expect.” ChillSculpt client, Chelsea

“I started seeing results around 2-3 weeks after the first treatment, and I had lost 2cm around my abdomen! I noticed my body was more defined on the sides of my ribs, giving me a curvier shape that I had always wanted; my clothes fit better, giving me more confidence.” Helen, Caci Kapiti Treatment Coordinator