Surround yourself with positive people

The company you keep can say a lot about you. Laughter and happiness is contagious. So catch it. Surround yourself with bubbly, uplifting people instead of those who are always negative and bring you down.

Make exercise a priority

After a long day, it’s easy to make excuses, skip the gym and lie on the couch instead. But exercise has been shown to ease symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. Plus, keeping healthy and fit can help make you feel more confident.

Appreciate the simple things

It’s easy to get caught up with the latest technology and fashion trends, but appreciating simple things can get you a long way. Walking along the beach, spending time with family or reading a great book; all these things are free and shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

Let go of things you can’t control

Sometimes, we can’t change outcomes and we just have to let it be. Take a deep breath and remember that we don’t have control over everything and sometimes we just have to let it go.

Make time for things you enjoy

Although work and day-to-day chores are important, it is also important for you to take some time out and do things you enjoy. So make yourself a priority and once a week; watch your favourite TV show, read a book at a local café or go shopping. Whatever makes you smile!

Go outside

Sunshine and fresh air can do amazing things for your mood. Make sure you’re getting a good dose of vitamin D by taking a brisk walk outside each day.

Devote time to giving

Giving back feels great, so volunteer at a local charity or simply help a friend or co-worker with a task they’re struggling with. A good deed a day, can make all the difference.