It’s non-invasive and hassle free

Microdermabrasion is an advanced exfoliation treatment, which uses micro-crystals to gently remove dead skin cells and reveal fresher, smoother skin. 

It’s a simple treatment, and only takes around 30 minutes, with no down time required – you could even pop in and out on your lunch break!

It delivers fast results

Microdermabrasion’s work to target and treat and range of concerns;

  • Refresh dull skin to add a vibrant glow
  • Improve uneven skin texture
  • Help to clear congested pores and skin
  • Stimulate collagen production for fresher, plumper skin
  • Help to improve the appearance of facial scarring

The results can be seen quickly, with most people noticing improved skin health in as little as 1-5 days afterwards.

It’s the best gateway treatment

Microdermabrasion’s play a key part in all our skin correcting treatment plans; helping prepare the skin for more advanced skin treatments such as Photo Rejuvenation, Fractional C02 laser and Dermal Rolling, to ensure best results and to treat your concerns.

It’s suitable for most skin types

Best of all; microdermabrasion’s are suitable for most skin types! Most clients find the treatment comfortable; describing the treatment as a light scratching feeling.

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