What were your backgrounds before joining the Caci team?

Rhiarna has been working as a beauty therapist for the last 5 years. Prior to Caci, her most recent role was having her own small beauty business mainly focusing on relaxing facials/massage, nails and spray tanning. Since March 2018, she has been working as a beauty therapist at Caci Taupo.

Denise is a hair dresser by trade, and also had her own small business in this field prior to buying Caci Taupo. She is also an ex-farmer with her husband, farming in Reporoa for over 18 years.

What inspired both of you to think about owning a clinic?

It has always been a dream to get into our own business, we just never knew that we would get so lucky being able to buy a Caci clinic! Denise has been a client of Caci for many years and always loved the treatments and the results she had from it. Rhiarna loves being a beauty therapist but was always on the lookout for how she could move up the ladder in this field, so when the opportunity came up to buy Caci Taupo we both jumped to it. We have a great mother daughter relationship so it will be an exciting journey to work together.

How has the opening process been so far?

It has been a little stressful (not going to lie!), but we have had amazing support from FAB Group and Penny (the previous owner of the clinic). There is plenty to learn but we are learning something new each day. We are very much looking forward to 6 months down the track when we feel all set up and settled in.

You're a mother-daughter team. What advantages does this give you when it comes to running a business?

It is great, who knows you better than your own mother? We can be very honest with each other without anyone taking offence, and it has been great having each other to bounce off and lean on when needed. It has been exciting for the whole family and we just want to do them proud.

What would you say to someone thinking of opening their own Caci clinic?

Just do it! It is never going to feel like the right time (I was a little nervous at the idea myself, doubting myself and thinking it would be too much for a 24-year-old). There is amazing support, it is an amazing brand and it is only going to continue to grow!