What are your main skin concerns?

Mainly ageing, I’d like to see a reduction in fine lines. I also have some pigmentation from the sun and uneven skin texture on my forehead that would be great to reduce.

What does great skin mean to you?

I would love to be able to wear no makeup (I’ll always wear mascara!), but to ease up on others would be great. Having smoother skin with fewer lines would improve my confidence and keep me feeling young.

You were already an existing Caci client before starting your skin treatment plan, what made you choose Caci?

I had heard great things about Caci and thought I would give it go! I was really impressed by the expertise and knowledge during my very first consultation.

How did you find your skin consultation?

My Beauty Therapist Meg, was so lovely - she was very thorough and asked lots of questions about my skin care and lifestyle so she could make the best treatment and product recommendations.

After Meg’s recommendations, I will be starting on a CORE+ Skin Treatment Plan which includes Photo Rejuvenation treatments to address my pigmentation and Dermal Rolling to improve uneven skin texture.

How did you find your first skin treatment (microdermabrasion)?

My skin felt really good after the treatment, I was impressed! I’d never had a Microdermabrasion before so didn’t know what to expect, but I was comfortable the whole time.

Immediately afterwards, my skin was a little pink, but Meg applied a little bit of mineral makeup before I left. The next day my skin was very soft, I didn’t even wear makeup!

What’s the next treatment you’re going in for?

Sonophoresis Infusion in a week. I’m very excited about the whole treatment plan and am really looking forward to each treatment!


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