Health and wellness blogger Matilda Rice tells us all about her experience being on the Reformaskin treatment plan at Caci:

Tell us about your experience so far on your Skin Health Plan at Caci. How are you finding the treatment?

My skin has never looked better! The treatments and the technology are amazing, and I've seen genuine results.

Was there anything that surprised you about the treatment process? 

I was pretty amazed at how well the Caci staff know their stuff! What they don't know about skin isn't worth knowing.

What made you decide to start your Skin Health Plan? 

My skin was becoming quite dry and dull and my at home products weren't making a huge difference to brighten it, but since being on my Skin Health Plan, that has totally changed.

How do you feel about your results so far? 

I'm over the moon with my results. I feel like I don't need to wear makeup all the time, and my skin is full of life rather than dull.

Overall, what’s been the best part about your experience with Caci? 

Seeing awesome results, as well as getting to know the lovely staff