After a spending a lifetime shaving and waxing, she decided it’s time to start enjoying life without the pain of shaving and having to make waxing appointments! Makaia loves the flexibility, she’s able to be more receptive to activities, “I have the confidence of knowing my body and its ‘hair issues’ are under control and looking great. I have been able to swim, surf and water ski this summer at the drop of a hat!”

Makaia has had a few laser hair removal treatments, “I noticed a significant difference only after my first appointment. The treatment is fantastic, my beauty therapist is so friendly and its’ all in a relaxing, comfortable environment”   

Being hair free has a multitude of benefits, save yourself from hours spent in the shower shaving  and money on razors and waxing, not to mention the stress of forgetting to shave before heading out “laser hair removal has given me loads more time not having to deal with shavers and blades!”

Makaia is going to be free from those hairy situations, “It really has made summer more fun and less troublesome, and I have been able to enjoy my summer with confidence” I love it, and have recommended it to all my friends too!”