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Lip Volume

Put some plump in your pout

Restore lip volume

Over time due to external and internal factors, lips can lose their volume and plump. Thankfully, there are treatments available to help. 

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Fine lines and wrinkles are not the only obvious signs of ageing. Loss of lip volume is a common concern for women as they age.

Causes of loss in lip volume 

Over time, skin can begin to lose fullness and elasticity, due to a reduction of hyaluronic acid and collagen. This can cause lips to appear shrunken, thinner and aged.

Other causes of loss in lip volume include hormonal changes and sun exposure.

For others, you may have been born with a thinner set of lips, but are after a fuller more defined appearance.

Lip fillers like Juvederm® are an effective treatment to subtly enhance your lips. Lip fillers provide immediate results and can also help soften lines around the lips, for a youthful looking smile.*

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*Results can vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.