What made you decide to work for Caci?

It was by chance actually. I was visiting Caci as a client and after having the most amazing Microdermabrasion, I noticed that one of the ladies was wearing a Registered Nurse badge! I’d been nursing for over 20 years and when I realised Caci did treatments that were advanced enough to require a nurse, I was intrigued! Then after an interview over a coffee, I was on the team!

How long have you been with Caci?

In between trips overseas, children and some time off, I’ve been on and off for about 15 years now! I started off being the laser hair removal operator, it was quite different back then, and we learnt a lot in those early days.

How has Caci changed over the years?  

A lot! I started with Caci in the very early days working with Jackie Smith (founder of Caci), we were one of the only few nurses that were trained for Advanced Injecting (appearance medicine) at the first Caci clinic in Newmarket. Then, as more and more clinics opened, and the popularity of appearance medicine grew, we started travelling around the Caci clinics doing the consultation and treatments. It was so busy, we could hardly keep up with the demand! It was then when we decided that all Caci clinics needed their own nurse, so then I worked with Jackie to train the new nurses in appearance medicine.

It sounds like it was a really exciting time back then?

Yes, it was! Caci was in an exciting growth phase, with new clinics opening and lots of new technology being adopted. I loved being part of this, we were learning advanced techniques, and were able to implement them in clinics – it was all so new and exciting!

What do you love most about working at Caci?

I love the innovation that Caci represents, we’re industry leaders and pioneers. It’s important to me to be somewhere that’s striving for the best results, with the best technology and treatments.

I also love that I can help women feel good about themselves, it’s not about being vain, it’s about being confident. I work with the clients to make sure that they’re getting the best results, appearance medicine and skin rejuvenation treatments go hand in hand; getting rid of lines is great, but your skin needs to be healthy too.

What are you favourite treatments?

My number one treatment is Botox! It’s a quick and simple treatment that achieves remarkable results. I love looking good, and having great skin is important to me, so regular facials are also important; the Murad IP5 Facial is my favourite. The other number must have, that everyone should be using is sunblock! Don’t leave home without it!