What were your skin concerns?

I had quite bad acne scarring, pigmentation and redness around my cheeks. I also had congested pores, particularly around my T-zone.

What treatments have you had?

I’ve had a course of Microdermabrasion facials which helped clear the congested pores and improve the overall texture of my skin. Once my skin was conditioned I moved up to the next, more advanced treatment; Collagen Induction (Dermal Rolling), which I’ve 6 treatments in total.

So, how did you find the Collagen Induction treatments?

Initially I was a bit nervous, as the idea of needles did sound a bit scary. The treatment starts off with one of the Nurses applying a numbing cream, then I just relaxed for about 20 minutes while it took effect, then the Nurse started the treatment. I couldn’t even feel the needles at all, it just felt like a small rolling pin being rolled over my face. When the roller was close to my ears, I could hear the roller penetrate my skin, which sounded a bit like ‘popping’ – it was a bit weird at first, but then seemed normal.  The only parts that were a bit uncomfortable were the bonier areas of my face, like around my forehead, but it’s all over and done with in about 10 minutes.

Is there any downtime, how did you feel after the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment, my skin was quite red but the numbing cream still had an effect so I couldn’t feel a thing. After a few hours the cream has worn off and my face felt hot, a bit like a sunburn which only lasts a few hours. The next day my skin was almost back to normal, I just put on plenty of sunblock and a light dusting of mineral powder and was confident to go about my day.

What results have you seen, how do you feel about your skin now?  

Within a couple of days after my treatments my skin felt softer, healthier, and plumper. After a couple of weeks I started receiving great feedback and a lot of compliments about how healthy my skin looked! The acne scarring had reduced, after the first few months, and now that I’ve completed the course of treatments the pigmentation has reduced too. 

I feel a lot more confident in my skin, it’s healthier, and I have less breakouts. I’m in my mid-30’s and I was always embarrassed by my bad skin, but now since being on a programme at Caci and having regular treatments I feel like my skin now looks younger than I am!