What made you decide to try ChillSculpt?

When I first heard about the treatment, it sounded really interesting, and after having my son (a long time ago!) I have those ‘little fat bulges’ that I wanted treated, so decided to give it a go! I was quite apprehensive to begin with, as freezing fat cells seemed like a big claim to make, but after I had researched the technology I had a better understanding of how it worked and what to expect. 

Which area have you had treated?

I had my lower stomach (baby pouch), and my hips (muffin tops) treated. I really wanted my stomach bulge reduced, and after having my consultation, they suggested that to reduce my overall waistline, having my muffin tops treated too would have a greater result.

What did it feel like during the treatment?

The treatment itself is very unusual! The first few minutes of my first session were quite intense, I was nervous and didn’t really know what to expect once the machine got started. As soon as it’s placed on your skin, the suction and the pulsing is quite uncomfortable (mostly because it’s so unusual!), but after a few minutes it’s more comfortable as the area goes numb from the cold, then I could relax a bit. Once I’d had the first treatment, the rest were easy; I would read a few magazines or do some work.    

How did you feel after the treatment, was there any downtime?

Immediately after the treatment, there is a quick massage which can feel a bit strange especially as the area is still a bit numb. Fortunately for me, I don’t bruise very easily so after each treatment there was some redness, but not really any significant bruising. The redness was usually gone within a few hours, and I was back to normal.  

What results have you seen?

I’m really pleased with my results; I’ve gone down a pant size and my waistline is noticeably smaller. I’ve had 6 treatments over the course of a year, and really notice the difference when I see the photos of before I started, my tummy used to pop out quite a lot, whereas now it’s a lot smoother – not flat, but over summer I still felt confident in my 2 piece! 

Did you make any additional lifestyle changes while having this treatment done?

Yes, I guess I did. I was already going for long walks a few times a week before my treatments, and then once I started on my programme I continued to walk regularly and watch what I was eating, and drinking. I felt like if I was investing my time and money into this treatment, then I may as well make the most of it! It was almost like an extra incentive to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Would you recommend it to a friend?

Yes, and I have! If you have a little fat bulge that is always there, no matter what, then this treatment would be good to try. The results aren’t instant and you need to be able to commit to the programme and have regular treatments, but I’ve had really positive results and feel a lot more confident in my body since having ChillSculpt.  

Chelsea's Before & After Images

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