Karyn is our Treatment Coordinator at Caci Palmerston North - she has had a Skin Health Plan with Fractional Co2 Laser Treatments.

“It’s the most advanced treatment and there is nothing like it."

"For me the treatment reduced, basically took away the pigment on my upper cheek bones, smoothed my forehead, reduced the size of pores on my chin, and improved the skin integrity and laxity on my cheeks around my marionette (smile) lines. I was also amazed at my skins own ability to heal and rejuvenate itself – you can really see the ongoing benefits of the new collagen production."

"Unlike other advanced treatments, Fractional CO2 Laser only treats very small areas at a time so there is less risk, reduced healing time, and less photo-sensitivity than laser other resurfacing treatments. It also works on the canvas of the skin, which injectable treatment or surgery will not 

"I love working with clients to achieve their results, and Fractional C02 Laser is the Rolls Royce of skin treatments – I love it!”

Immediately after treatment:

A little bit more about Fractional C02 Laser:

Fractional C02 Laser is designed to treat the advanced signs of damaged skin by correcting tone, firmness, texture and scarring while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It works by passing pulses of light down through to the deeper layers of the skin, damaging the cells below and triggering the skin's natural rejuvenation and healing process. This controlled damage is used to train the cells in the basal (deeper) layer to grow back stronger, firmer and faster. As a result, skin becomes smoother, firmer and more even in colour. Microscopic areas of skin are treated at a time, so the Fractional C02 Laser is much more comfortable than other laser treatments. Most clients are happy to have the treatment with a light topical anaesthetic. For the greatest improvement, a course of Fractional C02 Laser treatments is recommended, combined with skin conditioning treatments as part of our Skin Health Payment Plan at Caci.

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