“When thinking about appearance medicine, a full face approach is certainly the way of the future – we’re really having a stronger focus on skin, and skin health. More and more people are wanting a healthy and glowing complexion, and this provides the ideal foundation to add synergy to the skin with appearance medicine treatments.

With the evolution of social media and technology, people have become masters of facial assessment, using various apps on their phones to tweak their photos. Our faces are more present to everyone we know – and it’s something we’re more aware of than ever before; we want to look good, and feel good.

The addition of social media and online treads has driven a further increase in the popularity of appearance medicine; it has become less shrouded in secrecy and more proudly publicised.

Many New Zealand women are looking for a more refreshed, natural look as opposed to an out of date ‘stereotype’ that was once associated with appearance medicine. It’s all about feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and feeling confident.”