Happy, healthy skin is all about starting with a blank slate. As the foundation of every good skincare routine, removing your makeup and washing your face is one step you definitely don’t want to skip! 

Whether you’re devoted to your daily cleanse or more of a face wipe-and-go kind of gal, it pays to review the basics every once in a while and make sure you’re getting this vital skincare step right. 

Here are our top tips for removing every last trace of makeup and kick-starting your cleansing routine. 


1. Remove makeup first

First things first, a separate makeup remover is key, especially to help get rid of those stubborn products such as mascara, foundation and concealer. 

Start by using an emollient cream, oil-based remover or face wipe. This will ensure every last bit of makeup is removed, leaving your skin ready for the follow-up with your normal cleanser. 


2. Choose the right cleanser

Everyone’s skin is different, and it pays to choose a cleanser that will work best for your needs. Look out for fragrance or other ingredients that might cause irritation, and tread carefully – you want to avoid formulations that are too harsh and stripping. 

Not sure where to start? Our Ki skincare range includes three different cleansers to suit a variety of skin types, using a combination of skin-loving ingredients to cleanse gently, but effectively. 


3. Take your time

Using gentle motions, make sure you’ve covered every inch of your skin and take particular care around the delicate eye area. 

Don’t forget to go all the way up to your hairline, as makeup residue can often build up here and cause breakouts or clogged pores. 

Once you’re satisfied, follow up with a soothing moisturiser to nourish and hydrate the skin. 


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