Double up on drinks (not alcoholic ones)

Your favourite alcoholic drinks can contain just as many calories as some foods; an espresso martini is a whopping 280 calories! That’s the same as a hamburger! It’s okay to have a few drinks this holiday season, but try make every 2nd one non-alcoholic. This will control the number of drinks you have over the night = less calories consumed.

Also make smarter, lower calorie choices when it comes to drinks. Wine or beer? Wine.

Cocktail or vodka and soda water? Go with the latter.

Eat before you head to the party

NEVER arrive at a party on an empty stomach. Your logic may be to not eat much all day so you can save calories for the party that evening, but this will only make you binge and consume more than you would if you had eaten regularly. Instead, eat a healthy low calorie snack before you head out. We love snacks such as carrots and hummus, a bowl of air popped unbuttered popcorn or a handful of almonds. If you’re not starving, you’ll be able to practice portion control at the party.

Clear the table ASAP

We’re all guilty of picking at leftovers once the meal is over; who wants to waste food right? You can still make the most of uneaten food without having to eat it all that night! If you’re the host at the celebration, once all guests have finished eating; clear away food straight away and pack it away for meals the next day. That way you won’t be tempted into picking at leftovers throughout the night!

Be smart with portions

If you can’t resist that slice of Pavlova or the roast potatoes, don’t deprive yourself, but eat responsibly. Keep portions small and only go in for one serving of each. That way you can still eat your favourite foods, but in a controlled way.