What made you decide to start on a laser hair removal plan at Caci?

I had been wanting to get laser hair removal for a while now and Caci’s two-for-one deal was too good to resist! I’m all about convenience and laser seems to be the best long term option and requires much less maintenance than waxing!

What results have you noticed so far?

I have drastically less hair than prior to starting the laser hair removal plan!

How do you find the treatment, what does it feel like?

I personally find it quick and not as painful as getting a wax. I would describe the feel as a hot pinch (if that makes sense!).

What are you most looking forward at the completion of your plan?

I can’t wait to not have to worry about shaving or waxing over long periods of time. I already feel much more comfortable in a bikini!

What do you like most about coming to Caci?

It would have be to be the staff; they are all so lovely and professional. I always feel comfortable when I am getting treatments done.