How does microdermabrasion work?

Microdermabrasion resurfaces your skin by gently removing the outer skin layer promoting a more vibrant, softer and glowing complexion. Crystals are blown at your skin under pressure and suctioned away simultaneously with a sterilised nozzle. This process removes dead skin cells and encourages circulation to the treated skin resulting in improved skin and promoting cell renewal. It is suitable for most skin types and requires no down-time or recovery with immediate results.

Stimulates collagen production to treats fine lines

By intentionally causing controlled damage to you skin (in a good way), the Microdermabrasion treatment encourages the production of collagen; when our skin is damaged it learns to stimulate the underlying layer of skin cells which have higher levels of collagen and elastin, resulting in reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

Improves skin tone & texture

This treatment exfoliates away dead skin cells which is often the cause of a dull, aged complexion. New skin is revealed beneath, which is younger and healthier, with a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Helps with clogged pores and congested skin

Microdermabrasion is like dry cleaning for your skin. It thoroughly clears clogged pores of oil and dirt to de-congest skin. This makes skin look clearer and helps with acne and blemishes.  

For even better Microdermabrasion results? Add a Glycolic

To get the very best results from your microdermabrasion, a glycolic facial is often added. A glycolic is a fruit acid peel which helps exfoliate away dead skin cells and prepare the skin for microdermabrasion.

For best results, we recommend a course of microdermabrasion treatments. Click here to learn more about microdermabrasion or to book a free skin consultation to find out if microdermabrasion is right for you.