What were your main skin concerns, what did you want correct/improve on?

I’ve always been safe in the sun and liberally apply sun screen on my face, but after not wearing a strong enough SPF, and living in the Hawkes Bay for 6 years, where the sun seemed to be a lot harsher, I noticed my chest, décolletage and neck had aged a lot more than my face. I had developed brown spots, pigmentation and sun damage. I also had patches of diffused pigmentation from where years of applying perfume on my neck had reacted with the sun’s UV. My family also has hereditary flat pigmented skin tags, which have always been concern for me. After years of putting up with it, I knew it was time to take steps and treat my concerns.  

What is your favourite treatment at Caci, why?

The Photo Rejuvenation treatments gave me the best results - the pigmentation, flat skin tags, and age spots are completely gone – it’s been absolutely fantastic. Now that has been sorted, Fractional CO2 Laser is my absolute favourite. I like to think that I’m pretty savvy with skin treatments, I’ve had dermal rolling (collagen induction) on my face for years, and try to have a couple of Fractional CO2 Laser treatments (which is like dermal rolling on steroids!) every winter to keep my face firmer and smoother. I also have a pretty sound at-home skin care regime.

How you deal with the downtime after your treatments?

I would have been in the clinic every day if I could, I was so committed to getting results that the downtime, if any, was not an issue for me. Although fortunately, Photo Rejuvenation treatments come with minimal downtime, I was a bit red (like mild sunburn), for 1-2 days afterwards. As I was having my chest, décolletage and neck treated, it was easy to keep covered from the sun - a high neck sweater or scarf does the trick. 

What results have you achieved while being on a skin correcting programme at Caci?

It’s all gone! The pigmentation, flat skin tags and age spots are completely gone after having a course of Photo Rejuvenation treatments. I maintain the results with at-home skin care too, I know it’s just as important to use the right products as well as advanced skin treatments. I also stay out of the sun where possible, I always wear a high SPF sun block, hats and sunglasses. I go out of my way to protect my skin and the results I have achieved.  

Would you recommend a skin correcting programme to a friend?

Absolutely! Whenever I am complimented on my skin, I feel fantastic! I wish everyone could experience that feeling of being totally confident in their skin. It’s empowering.

I often find when talking to friends that they have skin concerns too, but just think ‘oh well, guess that’s just the way it is’.  It’s all about knowing what’s out there, committing to yourself and your skin! I’m a huge advocate after seeing results for myself, I have a healthy glow and firmer skin than most people my age, which makes me feel amazing. 

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