While a good home skincare routine is essential for keeping skin happy and healthy, when it comes to treating more specific concerns, an advanced treatment can help deliver better, longer-lasting results.

At Caci, one of the advanced treatments we offer for issues with acne and reducing the signs of ageing is our LED Light Therapies

How does it work?

The treatment works by stimulating some of the body's own natural processes for fighting acne and the signs of ageing, using either a red or blue light emitting diode (LED) tuned to a specific setting.

Blue light therapy targets acne by activating chemicals found in the bacteria present in breakouts, causing the chemicals to destroy this bacteria. The light also stimulates cells in the body that help with the healing process.

Red light therapy is more suited for those wanting to turn back the clock and reverse some of the most visible signs of ageing. By stimulating circulation and collagen production, red light therapy can help improve skin tone and texture, smooth fine lines* and produce an overall lifting and hydrating effect on skin.

Is LED light therapy for me?

If you're experiencing persistent breakouts, and you're finding that topical skincare products aren't having much effect, a course of red light therapy treatments could be suitable for you.

On the other hand, our blue light therapy treatments can be a great step to add in to your regular routine to help promote a healthy glow and a fresh-looking complexion.

A course of light therapy treatments can be added to our Skin Health Plan, Reformaskin, a comprehensive programme that can be tailored for your specific skin concerns.

For more information on how these treatments work and whether these could be an option for you, see our friendly team for your free consultation.

*Results can vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.