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A long term solution to unwanted hair - enjoy silky smooth skin all year around.

Our membership has been designed to work with the natural hair growth cycle to ensure you get the best possible long lasting results. 


  • Face, neck and chest
  • Arms and underarms
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Stomach
  • Bikini line/Brazilian

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Laser hair removal

What is laser hair removal? 
At Caci we use Diode Laser for long term hair removal. A beam of light is passed through the targeted area, where it's absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft and follicle. This generates heat, which loosens the hair and also disables the cells involved in hair growth to prevent future hairs from forming. 

How many treatments do I need? 
For best results, we recommend 8 treatments, with each treatment performed around 5-6 weeks apart.

You should start to see results after your second or third treatment – but it's important to note that the way the human body has been designed means it's impossible to remove 100% of unwanted hair.  

In some cases, we can remove up to 98% of hair, and the average person can expect at least up to an 80% removal. However,  this is dependent on age, hair type, hormone levels, any existing medical conditions and other factors.  

Does it hurt?
Most people describe the treatment as uncomfortable more than painful. The Diode laser has a cooling tip, making the treatment more comfortable. The level of discomfort varies between individuals and also depends on the area being treated - but at Caci we pride ourselves on performing the treatments quickly and safely, so it's over in no time! 

Who is it suitable for?
The laser works by targeting colour in the hair shaft and follicle – so we see the best results with darker hair. For that reason, blonde, red and grey hairs can be more difficult to remove.  

Some underlying medical conditions and medications may exclude you from the treatment, as they make the results harder to predict.  We recommend coming in for a consultation where we can assess your suitability.

What to do before your treatment:

  • If you’re having VPL treatments: Trim 1-2 days before your treatment – 2mm of visible hair is enough to treat. 
  • If you’re having Diode treatments: Please trim before your first appointment so we can assess the hair and take before photos. From your second treatment onwards, please shave the area the night before or day of your treatment. 
  • In between treatments all treatments: You can shave the area, but don’t use any other form of hair removal while on your plan. Remember to stay out of the sun and avoid tanning products before your treatment as it may mean you will need to reschedule your treatment.

What happens after my treatment?
There’s no downtime after your treatment, although your skin may be pink or even red in the treated area. This is quite normal. Redness may last from a few minutes up to 24 hours and it may feel a little like mild sunburn or windburn. You can apply a cold compress if required. Apply SPF30 sunscreen daily.  Take the day off from the gym, pool, spa for at least 24/48hours to avoid heat or excessive sweating.

What happens during a laser hair removal treatment?
During the treatment, you and your treatment provider will wear special glasses, to ensure complete safety. Your treatment provider will also wear a face mask to ensure there is nothing transferred through the air while undertaking the treatment. You will be asked to lay down and get comfortable before starting the treatment. The Diode laser is faster than other treatments so you can be in and out in the space of a lunch break.