Deborah Murtagh, number one Holistic Wellness and Weight Loss Coach for women will be joining us at Caci Hamilton:

Free Weight Loss Masterclass
Thursday August 25 - 6pm

For over 23 years Deborah has been inspiring women to lose weight and reclaim their lives.

Using a combination of cutting edge science, spirituality and psychology Deborah has an amazing ability to guide you through her successful method of weight loss while healing your relationship with food.

“For me a true weight loss journey must address the reasons we gain weight. In a group setting, we not only have the support we need, we soon realise our struggles are shared struggles and we don’t have to do this alone!”    

Deborah will be sharing a selection of some of her favourite snacks to prove that real food is not about starvation, it’s about nourishment and a celebration of delicious tastes and flavours.

07 839 2993