Caci Feedback/Complaints Process

Complaints and their Management

At Caci we take all complaints and concerns seriously, whether they are raised by a customer, our staff or franchisee colleagues.  We have robust formal processes in place to examine and deal with complaints or concerns which may be communicated to us.  

Wherever we can, we will seek to assure those who have expressed concerns that we are taking appropriate steps to address it. It is important to us that we maintain trust and confidence in our business and its integrity.  However, because of the sensitivity, confidentiality and our wish to conduct any necessary investigations carefully in accordance with a fair process, we may not always be able to share details with those involved.  But please be assured that we will be investigating and if the complaint is merited actions to address the issue will be taken.
Depending on the nature of the complaint this may involve changes in procedures or responsibilities, disciplinary action, consequences imposed in line with our Franchise Agreement, or referral to professional regulators.  However, once again, confidentiality and privacy requirements may mean that details of the remedial action cannot be disclosed.  
If you have a complaint or wish to discuss any type of concern relating to Caci or its operation, and are unsure who to approach, please get in touch with