• Fractional CO2 Laser is Caci’s most advanced treatment
  • Treats and improves: skin texture and tone, firmness, scarring. Reduces lines and wrinkles and treats pigmentation, age and sun damage
  • Results in smoother, firmer, tighter and healthier looking skin
  • It penetrates deep into the skin layers, providing better, and more long lasting results
  • Only microscopic areas of skin are treated at a time, so it’s more comfortable than other laser treatments.
  • It’s comfortable during the treatment, as we use a light topical anaesthetic to numb the area.
  • Afterwards, expect redness and slight swelling – this is normal and temporary. Most clients are back to work in a day or so after the treatment
  • It’s important to stay out of the sun in the days following your treatment and apply plenty of sunblock!
  • At Caci, we’ve done over 1,300 Fractional CO2 Laser treatments!


Learn more about Fractional C02 Laser here.