Cryolipolysis - Fat Reduction

Get body confidence with our award winning non-surgical fat reduction treatment.

Do you have a stubborn little bulge that won’t go away even after diet and exercise? ChillSculpt® could be the right treatment for you. 

The following areas can be treated:

  • Stomach: lower abdomen
  • Hips: Muffin tops
  • Thighs
  • Waist
  • Back: Bra strap area and love handles
  • Saddle bags 

For best results, we recommend a course of treatments on our ChillSculpt® programme. 

ChillSculpt® Winner of "Best Treatment" at the Best in Beauty Awards 2019 & 2016!


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Note: ChillSculpt® is not available at the following clinics: Airport Oaks, Gisborne, Glenfield, Manukau, NorthWest, Papamoa, Pukekohe, Nelson, Rolleston, Sydenham, Takanini and Tauranga.


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Reduce unwanted fat that cannot be easily removed through diet and exercise

Non-invasive treatment with no downtime required

Long-term solution for fat reduction. Once treated fat cells are gone, they're gone


How does it work?

ChillSculpt® uses cryolipolysis technology - controlled cooling that freezes and reduces fat cells. The targeted fat cells gradually disappear naturally through the body’s normal metabolic process. It is not a weight loss solution but ideal for reducing unwanted fat that cannot be easily removed through diet and exercise. It is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction and requires no down time, each treatment only takes around an hour.

Is ChillSculpt® safe?

With over 1 million cryolipolysis procedures worldwide, it is proven to be a safe and effective non-surgical fat reduction treatment.* After thoroughly researching the procedure at Caci, we are proud to be the first to bring this cutting edge technology nationwide to New Zealand. Cryolipolysis is FDA cleared for the flank (love handles), abdomen and thighs.  

Does it hurt?

The ChillSculpt® treatment feels more unusual than painful. The vacuum feeling is more noticeable than the cold sensation, as the area goes numb quickly after the hand pieces are applied. During the session you can relax, read, work or even take a nap.  

How much does ChillSculpt® cost?

ChillSculpt® fat reduction treatments start from $450 per session. On our ChillSculpt® programme, the cost per session is reduced and can be paid off in weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments. Learn more about our payment options. 


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"After years of hard work at the gym, there were stubborn areas on my thighs that did not move. I decided to try Chillsculpt to see it would help. After 6 sessions I lost 5cm on my left thigh and…

– Lucie

"I got my first session on BODY SCULPTING.!!! I undergo with this treatment because its been 5 years that my tummy was big and people was saying that i am pregnant even I am not so i was upset all…

– Cheila