Niki, Caci New Plymouth Client

"I had laser hair removal two years ago at Caci New Plymouth in two areas and I was so amazed with the results. In the past I had tried everything to keep my bikini and underarm growth under control, but nothing helped. That's when I decided to try laser hair removal. The results were amazing! After every treatment I could see results, the hair was getting thinner every time. By the 6th treatment, my skin was silky smooth! Thanks Caci, I'm thrilled with the results."

Mami, Caci Invercargill Client

"Before I started laser treatment at Caci Invercargill, my face was so bad. I wouldn’t leave the house at all. I would only leave my house one day a week, that would be so I could do groceries, pay bills etc, as I also have a 2 year old. I felt so insecure, depressed and I hated myself. Ever since I started laser treatments, I have never stopped smiling. I’m so confident in myself now and I am never home! I love my Invercargill Caci clinic!" 

Kayla, Caci Tauranga Client

"During my free consultation with the Treatment Co-Ordinator, she discussed if laser hair removal was going to be right for me and made sure that it would fit my budget. It was comforting to know that even though I don’t’ have a lot of disposable income as a student, there were lots of affordable options to pay it off.   

Once I decided to sign up to the Freedom laser hair removal programme, I started going in every 4 weeks for treatments, which only took around 15 minutes each time. It’s great; I get in and out quickly and get on with my day!

The treatments itself is really simple and easy. It’s a bit uncomfortable at first, but only for a  few seconds then it’s all over! My therapist is amazing and always make sure I’m comfortable."

Liv, Caci Orewa Client

"A year or so ago, I decided to make enquiries about Laser Hair Removal for my daughter, Liv, who is 18-years-old and has Autism. Due to Liv's Autism and Intellectual Disability, she is not always aware of her lack of modesty - particularly when wearing her swimsuit. I decided to make an appointment with Gemma at Caci Orewa to discuss the possibility of Laser Hair Removal for Liv. Gemma did a test patch and Liv coped brilliantly. Soon we were signed up for the Freedom programme and have never looked back!

It may seem like such a small thing, but knowing I don’t need to worry anymore about Liv’s modesty during trips to the beach or the pools, has been life-changing … truly. Gemma has been wonderful, (Liv constantly asks when she will be going back to see Gemma again)! Thanks, Caci - you offer a wonderful service."

Paula, Caci Rotorua Client

"I am male to female transgender and decided to have laser hair removal on my face and neck. Mandy from Caci Rotorua did my consultation and her level of professionalism, understanding and empathy was fantastic. While asking questions, she completely put me at ease. After my consultation, I was handed over to Jolanda who would be completing my treatments. Jolanda was great and would always check I was comfortable throughout the treatment, and also explain what she was doing each step of the way. 

As a transgender person, I could not have wished for a more understanding bunch of people to be helping me with my transition."

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