Bridgette: Caci Palmerston North

What made you decide to work for Caci?
I’ve always been interested in the field of appearance medicine, and when I arrived back from working with plastic surgeons in the UK, I was given a great opportunity to join the Palmerston North clinic. It felt like a natural transition and I haven’t looked back!

How long have you been with Caci?
13 years

What do you love most about being a nurse at Caci?
The network of like-minded professionals within a dynamic industry, and the support given throughout the franchise. The opportunity to work with healthy individuals, enhancing their appearance and often, their quality of life. Oh, and the perks are great!

What are some of your favourite treatments at Caci and why?
I can’t single out an individual treatment, there’s too many! As with skin health, just like physical fitness, it has to be worked at from a number of different angles to get the long-lasting improvements. Every day we share our knowledge and expertise to achieve our clients individual goals, and as no two clients or their needs are the same, there is never a dull day!

Brandy: National Caci Clinical Educator

What made you decide to work for Caci?
I love the Caci environment and think the appearance medicine field is interesting and exciting.

I've been with Caci for 5 years injecting Botox, Juvederm dermal fillers, using Fractional C02 lasers and variable pulsed light, dermal needling, and performing cryolipolysis. Prior to Caci I was a nurse in a Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit mostly caring for patients post cardiac surgery.

What do you love most about working at Caci?
There are many things I love about being a Caci Nurse: working with my team, learning new treatments, and of course making my client's happy are just a few. But top of my list are the stories I hear about gained confidence after a treatment.

What is your favourite Caci treatment?
My favorite treatment to perform is Juvederm Dermal Fillers. It's really exciting to see a client look in the mirror after they've had their lips done for the first time. Injecting dermal fillers is part science and part art. We use knowledge of anatomy, the ageing process and aesthetics to try and create a natural rejuvenation that suits the client.

I also enjoy performing Fractional CO2 laser treatments. The science behind how it works is fascinating and the results it provides are amazing. I find it satisfying to see my client's skin quality steadily improve with each treatment.

Shelley: Caci Hamilton

What made you decide to work for Caci?
I liked the idea of working for a company with nationwide opportunities and great support. I’ve now been with Caci for more than 14 years and have worked in several clinics.

What do you love most about being a nurse at Caci?
I love working with clients, helping them achieve results they desire. I also enjoy the great ongoing training at the Caci Training Academy, ensuring we are up to date with injecting trends.

What are some of your favourite treatments at Caci and why?
Fractional C02 Laser treatments are a favourite, the deliver great results! I also enjoy delivering Botox and Dermal Fillers to a wide age range of clients that have different requirements, to help them look and feel their best.


Sue- Caci High Street

What made you decide to work for Caci?
It was by chance actually. I was visiting Caci as a client and after having the most amazing Microdermabrasion, I noticed that one of the ladies was wearing a Registered Nurse badge! I’d been nursing for over 20 years and when I realised Caci did treatments that were advanced enough to require a nurse, I was intrigued! Then after an interview over a coffee, I was on the team! I’ve been with Caci on and off between children for about 15 years now! I started off being the laser hair removal operator, it was quite different back then, and we learnt a lot in those early days.

How has Caci changed over the years? 
A lot! I started with Caci in the very early days working with Jackie Smith (founder of Caci), we were one of the only few nurses that were trained for Advanced Injecting (appearance medicine) at the first Caci clinic in Newmarket. Then, as more and more clinics opened, and the popularity of appearance medicine grew, we started travelling around the Caci clinics doing the consultation and treatments. It was so busy, we could hardly keep up with the demand! It was then when we decided that all Caci clinics needed their own nurse, so then I worked with Jackie to train the new nurses in appearance medicine.

What do you love most about working at Caci? 
I love the innovation that Caci represents, we’re industry leaders and pioneers. It’s important to me to be somewhere that’s striving for the best results, with the best technology and treatments. I also love that I can help women feel good about themselves, it’s about feeling confident in their skin. 

Charleen- Caci Kapiti

Why did you decided you wanted to work for Caci?
Caci is such an industry staple and so well-known, it’s a brand that people really trust. I love that all treatments and products are tailored to meet clients individual skin needs.

Tell us about your nursing background and why you decided to become a cosmetic nurse?
I have 30 years nursing experience and spent 25 of those years working in the Operating Theatres in various roles from Orthopaedic/Acute Charge Nurse through to After-hours Co-ordinator.
Even though I loved operating theatre nursing; I felt it was time for me to leave my comfort zone and change my career path.  I have always had an interest in cosmetics and the beauty industry and completed a Diploma in Makeup Artistry in 2012.  I decided Appearance Medicine would be a great way of combining both my love of nursing and cosmetics. 

What do you love about being a nurse at Caci? 
Caci provide excellent training, education, professional development and support for Nurses working in the industry. I love being part of my client’s journey, making positive differences to their lives and self-esteem.  It is so rewarding when they are grateful for what you do and they feel good about themselves. 


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