Runner Up for our 2018 Registered Nurse People's Choice Award: Sarah Graham, Caci Riccarton

“The first time I meet Sarah was like catching up with a friend I known for years.  She was friendly, put me at ease, explained everything and was very professional” Caci client, Anna.


Winner of our 2018 Registered Nurse People's Choice Award: Amanda Rutten, Caci Thorndon

“She is professional, extremely capable, warm and empathetic! She has a wonderful ability and uses her professional knowledge to ensure I’m getting the best results. I feel absolutely confident that I will always come away looking and feeling my best!” Caci client, Wendy


Meet award winning Registered Nurse: Jo Meddings, Caci Dunedin

"I’ve worked at Caci Dunedin for almost a year, but started nursing about 13 years ago - mainly in ICU."

"I had wanted to work in the appearance medicine industry for a few years prior to joining the team at Caci Dunedin. This job is, to me, true to the roots of nursing which is about caring for people. I really believe in the power of having self-confidence/esteem and that this is inextricably, for most women, linked to how we feel about our appearance. There is a huge amount of satisfaction derived from helping clients attain beautiful results." 

"One client which stands out for me is actually a male who had a history of cancer and treatment. He had lost a huge amount of body fat, which we all know affects our faces too! All he saw when he looked in the mirror was his illness staring back at him. He was well now, but his reflection was his "sick" self. We used dermal fillers in his face to try to restore some of the lost volume. He cried when he looked in our mirror as he saw "his" face staring back. Life changing for him and extraordinary for me to be directly involved in this transformation." 

"It’s hard to choose a particular treatment as a favorite as truly outstanding results are often the result of several modalities. However, beautiful skin is always in fashion, so our Reformaskin treatment plans are definitely up there; Fractional C02 Laser is amazing!"


Meet award winning Registered Nurse: Stacey McConnochie, Caci Lower Hutt & Porirua

"I started with Caci in 2010 so this year is my 8th year now!"

"I appreciate the autonomy of my role; it’s a specialist role and carry’s a lot of responsibility. The ability to work independently with my clients and decide what treatments will be best for them and see their journey through with them." 

"All my clients are amazing with really unique story’s that have led them to meeting me. But if I had to single out just one it would be a lady I treated after meeting her for her 1st ever Botox treatment. While discussing with her what her goals for her treatment where she mentioned that she was just coming up to the 2-year anniversary of her husband’s death. She said that the past 2 years had been the hardest of her life and when she looked in the mirror she only saw an old sad lady. After some careful planning she started her skin journey with fractional laser 12 months down the track she is a different lady her skin is vibrant and strong, and her confidence has returned. Although this was just a small part of the healing process for this lady it was an honor to be there beside her." 

"In terms of picking my favorite treatment, it’s a hard choice between Fractional CO2 laser and Botox and fillers!"  


Meet award winning Registered Nurse: Frances Stein, Caci Pukekohe

"I have worked at Caci Pukekohe for 9 1/2 years. Before that I worked as a RN at Middlemore hospital - 2 years working in a surgical ward, then the next 10 years in the Burns and Plastics ward, as it was back in the early 90's. Opting for a change, I completed a Level 2 in Horticulture and started my own Garden Maintenance business, which I ran for 3 years. Missing the camaraderie and client contact that comes with working in a team, I decided to return to a job involving my Nursing.
What I love about my job at Caci Pukekohe is making women feel good about themselves, whether it be getting rid of "tired or angry" lines with Botox, or looking refreshing their look with midface Juvederm.
One client that has seen a big yet gradual change in her appearance sticks in my mind because of this. She started her journey with us in 2010; she started with Botox and Juvederm treatments, softening lines and re volumizing lips and lower face, and then with regular facials and Fractional C02 Laser treatments we got her skin looking radiant. People were always commenting on how good she looked. Recently we compared her 'before' and most recent photos - she looks softer and younger and more refreshed today. She’s now part of our Caci family!"

"As for favorite treatments at Caci, my first love is injectables closely followed by Fractional C02 Laser and Microneedling."