You recently had your first Sonophoresis Infusion; how did you find the treatment?

It was great! My beauty therapist Meg, explained every step throughout the treatment which was great – the tools do make a few little strange noises so it’s good to know what each thing is doing! She said it might tingle a bit, but it was totally fine and I was comfortable the whole time (the treatment took around 30 minutes).

Meg used the Vitamin C serum on me (to brighten skin and help treat pigmentation). The serum was infused into my skin using Sonophoresis (sound waves).

Immediately after the treatment, my skin looked a little pink but this went away quickly and now my skin is feeling refreshed and more hydrated.  

You’ve now had 3 microdermabrasions too; how have you found each treatment and what results have you noticed so far?

The treatments have been awesome! After each microdermabrasion, my skin felt really good straight away. Who doesn’t love instant results!

In general I’ve noticed my skin has better texture and no dry patches. I feel more confident without makeup and even my friends are noticing my results!

Which treatment are you coming in for next?

Photo Rejuvenation to target sun damage and pigmentation.


Stay tuned to find out how Karla’s Photo Rejuvenation treatment goes!