What were your main concerns?

Pigmentation and redness on my cheeks and chin. I have started to notice more sunspots over the past couple of years. I’m 38 now, so noticing more with age!

I have always been a bit of a sun worshipper, so it’s safe to say that may have caused some damage.

How did you find your first Photo Rejuvenation treatment?

I was a bit nervous about the treatment as I’d never had it before, but my beauty therapist talked me through every step of the way, explaining how the treatment worked and what it would feel like. She was very patient and kept making sure I was okay throughout the treatment.

The treatment took around thirty minutes and afterwards she explained how my skin will feel over the next few days and gave me some aftercare information.

What was your skin like immediately after the treatment? 

My skin wasn’t as red as I was expecting; mostly on my forehead and on areas of my cheeks. It felt a little tingly, but completely manageable.

I didn’t need any downtime after the treatment, I went straight back to work. My colleagues are all interested in the processes and what I’m having done!

What skin improvements did you notice one week after the treatment?

I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my cheeks, the redness has reduced. Darker areas of my pigmentation have also reduced; I’m really happy with the result so far and can’t wait until my next treatment!

What are the main changes you’ve noticed to your skin overall throughout your skin treatment plan so far?

My skin is now a lot smoother and fresher. I had a few dry patches, but my overall skin texture us much better. I’m confident not wearing any makeup - which I previously wore every day without fail.

What have you loved most about your skin health plan at Caci so far?

My favourite part is the fact that the plan is tailored to suit me. Previously I had only had an occasional facial, so it’s all been great. The therapists are very knowledgeable and professional.  If I had to choose I would say the microdermabrasion is my favorite treatment as the results are so instant!


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